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Data Security & Privacy

At eJyothi, we understand the privacy and confidentiality of clients data.  All information, and data provided by client will be considered confidential and will remain as client property.  Before data containing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is used, such data is masked or altered.

We protect client data by:

  • Firewalls and intrusion detection technology
  • Secure online backup services
  • Secure VPN communication
  • Multiple passwords
  • Client data returned/destroyed at project completion

In order to assure data protection, data access to staff is based on “need to know basis”.  In addition, our staff complies with the following procedures:

  • Background investigation
  • Non Disclosure Agreements
  • Restricted computer/workstation access with individual passwords
  • No personal CDs, DVDs, USB, Bluetooth, Infrared, Notebooks, Personal folders or files are allowed within company’s protected infrastructure
  • Controlled access to company premises
  • Nothing can be taken inside and taken out of the premises except written permission
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We are very pleased with eJyothi’s level of commitment, dedication, and turnaround times on our projects. Their development has the experience and knowledge needed to deliver quality solutions. We highly recommend eJyothi Services.

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