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Q. What makes eJyothi Unique from other IT Consulting Firms?

eJyothi's unique strength is in its senior level experts who possess in-depth expertise in both business and technology.  We have the resources to solve complex problems in IT applications, infrastructure and operations.  We deliver quality services at a lower cost structure than larger brand-name firms, while our high energy level ensures personalized service, total commitment and effective solutions.

Q. What does the name eJyothi mean?

Jyothi literally means "auspicious flame” or “divine light” in Sanskrit. Our emphasis on shining light on our customer problems and solving them makes our name both meaningful and appropriate.

Q. Does eJyothi work with smaller companies?

eJyothi's core focus is within the small to mid-tier marketplace. Our offerings are primarily targeted to smaller clients and one of our key goals is to make IT affordable to small businesses.

Q. Does eJyothi undertake short term projects or long term support contracts?

We are prepared to work with you for both short term and long term projects.  Our services are most cost effective and productive when we understand your business environment, systems, procedures and technologies. There is no risk involved with long term contracts with us because, if you are not satisfied with our service, you can cancel our service with 30 days of notice.

Q. Does eJyothi provide infrastructure support?

We are extremely well-qualified for infrastructure support as we have expertise in all aspects of server and network management.  Although our primary focus is on IT applications, we are managing client IT infrastructure for a few companies.

Q. Can eJyothi support my environment remotely?

Yes. We provide remote management and monitoring services for our client environments.

Q. How accessible is remote support?

Remote support can be accessed through local phone calls, web portals or by email.  We have the facility to do conference calls so that your staff, our US staff and our remote staff can meet regularly.

Q. How can we communicate effectively with remote staff?

Our local staff will participate in all our engagements and will constantly monitor and review all deliverable to ensure that they meet our quality standards and provide cost effective solutions to meet your business needs.  We will also provide contact information of our remote staff so that you can communicate to them when needed.

Q. Does eJyothi provide onsite support for U.S. clients?

We provide onsite support through our U.S. partners Ascella Technologies, Inc. and Saralution, Inc.

Q. How do you protect data and business confidentiality?

We sign NDA and follow data protection regulations and procedures.

Q. What is the billing and payments policy?

We bill clients monthly and payments are net 30 days.


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We are very pleased with eJyothi’s level of commitment, dedication, and turnaround times on our projects. Their development has the experience and knowledge needed to deliver quality solutions. We highly recommend eJyothi Services.

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